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WINGED SCARAB RING | Sterling Silver

This stunning Winged Scarab Beetle & Ankh carries much symbolism.

Scarab beetles are symbolic of transformation, renewal, resourcefulness, strength and connection to the spiritual world.  They will also assist you with clairvoyance.

The Ankh or key of life is an powerful ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents the word "life" or immortality and is symbolic of life itself.

Combining the two makes for a very powerfully transformative & protective talisman.

Made from Sterling Silver.

Comes in a jewellery box. 

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WINGED SCARAB RING | Sterling Silver
WINGED SCARAB RING | Sterling Silver
WINGED SCARAB RING | Sterling Silver
Sprinkle was amazing, everything was spot on in my session and so insightful and helpful moving forward. Her energy is awesome and the space was surrounded with stunning crystals so the energy overall was so good. I highly recommend booking with her.


Sprinkle creates the most beautiful clothes. Her personal service, quality of clothing and design and attention to detail consistently exceeds expectations.


This woman can read and intuitively download info effortlessly! From the initial sacred ritual to the reading itself, it was a wonderful experience. Loved the space provided and look forward to see what else is installed. Thanks Sprinkle! X


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