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The Crystal Channeling Pack  will help you to clear and open your mind so you can raise your vibration, making it easier to connect to the Spirit realm. It will also help you ground and anchor back into Mother Earth after your spiritual journey.

This pack consists of a piece of Apophyllite (or Apophyllite/Stilbite) that will sit comfortably in your palm, a selection of Blue Kyanite (perfect for gridding) and a large Red Jasper palm stone.

All the crystals have been energetically cleared and charged.
You will also receive a description of each of the crystals & a drawstring bag to place them in.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an example of the crystals you will receive. All crystals are unique. That is their beauty. Your crystals will be intuitively chosen. 🙏✨❤️


APOPHYLLITE clears and opens the mind, transmits high frequency energy and is often used by those wanting to connect with higher realms, making it the perfect crystal for channelers. It also calms anxiety.

Apophyllite is often found with Stilbite. Stilbite has a loving and supportive energy. It gives guidance on your journey.

BLUE KYANITE transmits and amplifies high frequency energies, assisting you to connect with your Spirit Guides. It helps you speak your truth, instills compassion and facilitates the ascension process.

RED JASPER alleviates stress and reconnects you with Mother Earth's grounding energies. It soothes the nerves and restores balance. It is a stone of psychic and physical protection.

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Sprinkle was amazing, everything was spot on in my session and so insightful and helpful moving forward. Her energy is awesome and the space was surrounded with stunning crystals so the energy overall was so good. I highly recommend booking with her.


Sprinkle creates the most beautiful clothes. Her personal service, quality of clothing and design and attention to detail consistently exceeds expectations.


This woman can read and intuitively download info effortlessly! From the initial sacred ritual to the reading itself, it was a wonderful experience. Loved the space provided and look forward to see what else is installed. Thanks Sprinkle! X


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